Michelle Parker
Living in Community

Michelle Parker, a lover of change, newness, and fixing what ain’t workin’!   She co-planted SummitLIFE in Sedona, AZ, beginning in 2012, serves as a Project Manager for Stadia Church Planting Network, and was a contributing writer for Bloom Where You’re Planted: Vol.3.  She is a mother of a crazy-fun crew of 3 kids—Matthew (19), Hannah (17), and Jeremiah (12), and has been happily married to her rock-star husband, David, for 24 years.  To replenish, she spends her time creating in her garden, playing bass guitar, and cooking in the kitchen for family and friends.


Linda Busuttil
Human Trafficking

Linda is a prophetic voice delivering a powerful Kingdom message based on fresh revelation bringing inner healing and freedom to the hearts of people.

She has a mandate to speak God's truth partnering with the Holy Spirit in power. People experience a life change and the tangible presence of God’s love and JOY.

She is dedicated and passionate to set people free from bondage of any kind. into their God given liberty and have them embrace their living reality in Christ.

She is Founder of Walking Free Sedona; a City Wide 4-Mile Walk Fundraising Event to Raise Public Awareness, Liberate and Restore Those from Modern Day Slavery. She is also President of the Verde Valley Coalition Against Human Trafficking. She is an Apostolic leader for Kingdom Women to encourage, inspire, and support in Solid Rock Church; a platform for women to be activated in their abilities and leadership.

She is also an entrepreneur, successful business owner, and an Apostolic Pastor in the market place.

Linda and her husband Joseph, are the Assistant Pastors at Solid Rock Church in Sedona, Arizona. 


Savannah Sanders
Innocence Robbed

The Director of Community Outreach and Human Trafficking Services at Sojourner Center, one of the nation’s largest and longest running domestic violence shelters, serving more than 10,000 women and children impacted by domestic violence each year. Savannah is a leading advocate in the effort to stop human trafficking in the United States. She has been involved in anti-trafficking training in Arizona and nationwide since 2010, and is particularly passionate about trauma-informed care and survivor leadership.

Savannah’s duties at Sojourner Center include overseeing the SAFE (Safeguarding All from Exploitation) Action Project, a training and education program for the hospitality industry and the community at large on the warning signs of human trafficking so that suspected incidents can be reported. The Sojourner Center SAFE Action Project underscores the reality that domestic violence takes many forms.  Over the years, many survivors of human trafficking have found shelter with Sojourner Center.

After overcoming devastating hardships in her youth (including child sex trafficking), Savannah is now living a full life as a victim’s advocate, exemplifying survivor leadership both personally and professionally. Savannah earned her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University (ASU) with a Major in Social Work and Minor in Women and Gender Studies in 2014 and is pursuing concurrent Master’s Degrees in Social Work and Social and Cultural Pedagogy at ASU in the near future. She is the author of Sex Trafficking Prevention: A Trauma-Informed Approach for Parents and Professionals (Unhooked Books, 2015),

She is a founding board member of Well Founded Hope, an Arizona nonprofit helping to restore the life of traumatized young women who have been sex trafficked, is an active member of a large network of human trafficking survivor advocates. Sanders shares her compelling story of abuse and recovery as a source of inspiration and motivation for audiences across the United States, providing testimony on Emmy-nominated television news segments, in sex trade documentaries, at local events and on talk radio.

Working with the organization Mending the Soul, Sanders was instrumental in the development and implementation of curriculum, specifically created to help survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation. She is currently working on developing a local survivor's council.

Additionally, Sanders has worked as a Program Fellow of Intervention, Recovery and Empowerment services for TRUST, a grant funded project that coordinates anti-trafficking efforts in Arizona.


Iam Joy Salterberg
International Missions

Iam Joy Cherry serves Spirit of Martyrdom through Media Development and is a Representative Speaker. Iam’s hope is to share encouraging testimonies of fearless love, hope and faith of our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world, to stir the church to love and good works.

Iam’s personal testimony is also one of faith, hope, and love through the redemptive work of Christ Jesus. Iam grew up in a very loving home, yet was drawn into the deceptions of the world. At a very young age she began a lifestyle
of alcohol, sex, lies and drugs. She thought life was to be experienced, therefore lived completely for herself. As time passed, she saw the brokenness in the world and her own heart. She began to question. “Why are we here? What is the point to life? Why do people treat each other so badly? What is our purpose?” Even with all the love from her family, she felt something missing. After a wild year of recreational drug use, Iam realized the drugs did not satisfy her anymore and she immediately stopped. Shortly after this change, Jesus met her and Iam gave her entire life to Christ. The Holy Spirit answered her questions. She felt the love she was always longing for. Iam was radically transformed by the love of Jesus and His Word. Straightaway she felt the call of the Lord on her life to go into the nations and share the gospel, even with the most unreached people groups. After being baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit, she set off on a journey of a lifetime in Sydney, Australia to complete a Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission. Upon her return God brought her in relationship with David and Cindy Witt (Founders of Spirit of Martyrdom Ministries). Iam spent another summer in the ghetto of South Africa, sharing the love of Jesus amongst gangs, violence, drugs, alcohol and brokenness. 

When she returned back home in August, 2014, God began to break her heart more and more for the persecuted church around the world. With a passion for unreached people groups and our persecuted family, she loves serving the global church. From her journey, the Holy Spirit has given Iam insights into redemptive suffering. She has experienced God’s heart for His children, even in the darkest places and hardest of hearts around the world. Iam’s heart is to stir the church to fall more in love with Jesus, with understanding how much we are loved by Him. And finally Iam’s hope is to inspire Christians to be rooted in Christ and His love. 


Andrea Kadar
Making a Difference in the World Around You

Andrea is a Christian political activist who believes that all Christians should vote, be involved in the political process and if called, run for political office. She believes that God calls Christians to inform themselves about all issues that effect voters, make decisions on these issues in keeping with Biblical precepts, chose Godly leaders and hold them accountable once they are in office.

After moving to Arizona from Texas, Andrea helped create Concerned Citizens for America (“CC4A”), a Verde Valley political activism and educational organization.  CC4A's mission is to attract all voters to their monthly meetings in order to educate them and call them to political involvement.
Andrea is a Precinct Committee Captain in Yavapai County and is a member of the “Arizona Liberty” grassroots effort that educated voters on the unintended consequences of designating 160,000 acres surrounding Sedona as a “National Monument”.
Andrea and her husband, Dwight, were awarded the 2015 Americans for Prosperity-Arizona's “Activists of the Year” for their efforts in Northern Arizona.

Andrea is a Delegate to a National Convention in July, 2016, and is one of the two people from Arizona on the National Platform Committee at that Convention. She hopes to influence the Platform Committee on behalf of Godly values.


Patricia Garitson
Discovering Christ Destiny for You

Patricia Garitson is a Kingdom Revivalist, Pastor, Author and a woman who has traveled in the U.S. and internationally carrying a revelation of the tangible Kingdom of Christ wherever she speaks.  As a leader in the Body of Christ, she confidently points people to Jesus Christ and helps them identify the message He spoke about Kingdom advancement in the earth.  When she speaks, destinies open up for many, enhancing their walk and bringing purposeful living to individuals, churches, and cities.  She has no greater joy than seeing others released into their potential and living 100% fully alive in Christ! 

Patricia’s book “The 7th Passage to the Eternals/Reaching Kingdom Experience” has encouraged many in their walk with Christ. It is a book that helps the reader discover and learn of the vast treasures of the Kingdom. The realms of God and His glorious Kingdom are limitless in scope and the goal as an author is to unearth those treasures to see people engage with God on a brand new level.  People created by God are destined for greatness, as His son or daughter and He wants to provide the absolute best for His children.

Patricia’s website is: shapeyourdestinyimage.com. Carl and Patricia Garitson currently Pastor the Solid Rock Church and International Ministries in Sedona, Arizona. You may contact Patricia atplgaritson@gmail.com.  The ministry headquarters contact is solidrockchurchofsedona.com.


Barbara Prats
Catastrophic Loss   -Helping One to Cope-

Barb’s life forever changed when her beautiful 30 year old daughter, who loved her Jesus with all her heart, chose to die by suicide. The trauma that follows such an experience seems at the time to be beyond endurance. When one’s heart is broken, Barb says that the foundation of your faith is crumbled as if an earthquake has hit. God’s healing takes time. Eventually Barb realized that she had to reach out to others who were hurting similarly. Thus she participated in organizing a church Stephen’s Ministry,  facilitated a local chapter of Compassionate Friends, and is currently facilitating a Survivors of Suicide support group for families suffering the catastrophic sudden loss of a loved one. In these emotional support organizations there is much sharing regarding what grievers would like to hear and not hear from friends and family members to comfort after the trauma experience. The workshop Barb will lead will help the ladies understand and make appropriate choices about how to best help a friend or family member who has experienced a tragic loss.


Lynne Crowe
How is God Preparing You for Your next Role?

Lynne Crowe has loved the Lord Jesus Christ and followed Him for over forty-five years. She is married to Ray, and has three children and ten of the smartest, most adorable, and incredibly creative grandchildren! She has been a resident of Sedona, Arizona for over thirty years, and the Worship Leader at Wayside Bible Chapel, Uptown Sedona since 2004. Lynne is one of the founders, and now the Director, of Potter’s Hand Productions, a Christian Community Theatre Company in Sedona. God’s hand in Lynne’s life has led her to home school her children, teach multi-denominational Bible Studies, lead worship, live in Ireland, and now, write and direct live musicals for Potter’s Hand Productions, Sedona’s professional Community Christian theatre. She is always watching to see how "God is preparing her now, for what He has planned in the future!”


Cindy Cunningham
Celebrate Recovery

Cindy and her husband Jim co-pastor the Village of Oak Creek Church of the Nazarene in Sedona, AZ, and are Certified SYMBIS Assessment Facilitators (Marriage and Pre-marriage). She has a BA in Sociology/Criminal Justice, an AA in Court Reporting and is currently working towards ordination with the Church of the Nazarene. She is employed as the administrative assistant for the MISS Foundation which provides care/resources to families experiencing the death of a child. Cindy was born in Las Vegas, NV, adopted as an infant, raised in the Air Force, and has lived all over the world. She is the mother of four children and is also a breast cancer survivor. 


Stephanie richey  House of Ruth
Surrendering the Secret

Stephanie Richey, Executive Director at the House of Ruth Pregnancy Care Center, is a long time resident of the Verde Valley, where she lives with her amazing husband of 17 years, and her two daughters, aged 16, and 5, with their eldest son living in North Carolina. She graduated from Yavapai College with an AA and is currently working towards a BSW at NAU. Stephanie enjoys working in different ministries with her church including the Children’s Church program and the Youth activities.


Corina Taylor and Kaitylnn Schabatka
Where God Plants You, Bloom with grace and purpose

Kelly and Corina’s relationship has been challenged from the start. Both coming from broken homes, Kelly and Corina fell in love and started their family with an unplanned pregnancy at the age of 17 and 21. Five short years later, a tragic drinking and driving accident left Kelly a quadriplegic paralyzed from the neck down in 1997. Corina’s unconditional love and infinite strength has proved true as she continues to fully, and solely, care for Kelly day and night. Kelly’s remarkable perseverance day-in-and-day-out, despite chronic pain, is fueled by his love for his family and his faith in God.

Since the early 1990’s, this young couple’s relationship has survived incurable disability, addictions, resentment, depression, the feeling of missing out, and the adversity of an unconventional relationship, and much more.

Now 19 years later, Kelly and Corina along with their two Daughters, Kaitlynn and Kristen, are sharing their faith, strength & experiences through the KCT Project. Helping others by offering hope & encouragement that no matter what circumstances and troubles you face, you can overcome through unconditional love and infinite strength that only comes through faith in the one true God. You can turn your pain into purpose and your burdens into blessings! Visit www.KCTProject.com    for Taylor Talk and more info.

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Beth Tortorello & Julia Jackson
Young Lives Matter

From the time Beth Tortorello, a Jewish  "girl" who grew up on Long Island, NY,  met and received Jesus (Yeshua) as her Savior and Messiah at age 20, she has been passionate about sharing that unconditional, redemptive and transformational love with teens and young women . Beth earned her Masters degree (MS) in Music Education from the Aaron Copeland School of Music in Queens, NY, then went on to teach general music, guitar, piano and choral music for 12 years, in Long Island public schools, while also founding and directing Crossroads Outreach Center for troubled teens.... leading many teens into a relationship with Jesus Christ, & mentoring & discipline them for many years. As she grew in her love and knowledge of Christ and His Word, she also served for many years in her church in NY as pianist on the worship team.

Beth and her amazing husband Chris of 25 years, moved to Sedona in 1997, following a directive from God, and a desire to serve Him and His Body , the Church.  Together they own Torel Custom Homes, & Beth is a realtor.  Chris, a skilled drummer , and Beth, a keyboardist and classical pianist  (and their sons) have served on many worship teams throughout the years in Sedona and the Verde Valley-crossing over denominational lines and demonstrating their love for the Body of Christ as a whole. Beth is a trained facilitator of the Love and Logic curriculum , and with her knowledge and desire to see children, parents and families made whole, has taught Parenting classes in various Arizona schools. 

Beth's passion for teaching, mentoring and disciplining young people propelled her to homeschool her 2 awesome sons (now 20 & 25)  for many years. While raising her family, Beth  taught various women's Bible studies in her home.  She also founded the Toddler Music and Movement free program at the Sedona Public Library, which is ongoing  today..... almost 20 years later. She has led Mom's in Prayer in Sedona, and along with Chris, serves as a Young Life Committee member.

Beth's passion for seeing teens and young women come to know the love and freedom found in her Messiah, has not waned over the years. She continues to passionately build relationships with teens and college age women, and open her heart and home to them on a weekly basis for Young Life's High School Girls' Campaigners meeting (Food, Fellowship and Bible Study) . She continues doing what she loves, building relationships, showing hospitality, mentoring, and discipling teens & young women, along with playing keyboard on worship teams in Sedona and the Verde Valley, as she loves to worship her King and help usher others into His Presence.

Come and learn of the wonderful ways God is working in the lives of young people in Sedona,  and how you can be involved in that beautiful transformational work of the Holy Spirit. You are needed!



Kellie Wilson & Jill Sweet
How Poverty Affects our Community

Kellie Wilson is a native of the Verde Valley and is the General Manager of the Old Town Mission.

After graduating from Mingus High School she attended the School of Ministry and obtained a Certified Minister’s License. Kellie worked as a short time missionary in Peru, Mexico,and Trinidad. One of her passion’s included working as a children’s pastor in Winslow and also in Ohio.Following this she returned to her roots and her home in the Verde Valley.She is a mom to three wonderful children ages 15, 12, and 6.  Kellie began working at the Old Town Mission over 5 years ago and her positions have encompassed several jobs including Volunteer Coordinator, Manager of Compassion Services, and Thrift Store Manager before becoming the General Manager of the Old Town Mission

Jill Sweet is the Assistant General Manager and she has been part of the Old Town Mission team since June 1, 2015, just a month following her move to the Verde Valley. Originally from the Chicago area, she moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1985 at the age of twenty and worked for many years in the travel and tourism industry in various capacities. She also managed incentive programs, meetings and trade shows for companies and clients in different fields throughout the world during her career. Jill has been involved in community outreach as a volunteer with several organizations thru the years including :The Rescue Project, World Vision, Christian Family Care and the homeless family shelters on Maui and in Phoenix. She is blessed to be mom to three adult children and the very proud 1st time grandma of little Jonah.


Jo Gilbert
Sharing Your Faith Matters

Jo Gilbert is an artist and missionary from London, England who came to know Christ on her travels teaching English in South Korea.  She then became involved in a ministry in Indonesia helping to rescue women from prostitution, before moving to Indiana in 2013 and recently to Arizona.

Join Jo in uncovering how God calls us all to step out in faith and follow him, even when we don't feel 'good enough'.  Learn how to share the gospel in love, without fear, and to impact the world around you in a mighty way.