Morning Session

Living in Community

Michelle Parker

Changed Lives… Change Lives!  God is all about RESTORATION!  He redeems what is His and calls it Beautiful.  He’s also all about RELATIONSHIP!  He calls us into community with Himself, and encourages us to be living in COMMUNITY with others.

Human Trafficking/Innocence Robbed

Linda Busuttil and Savannah Sanders

Binding up the broken hearted and setting the captives free is at the heart of this local ministry. They are involved in anti-trafficking in Arizona as well as serving women and children impacted by domestic violence. This ministry was created to help survivors of exploitation and abuse. They are touching lives with hope.

International Missions Spirit of Martyrdom

IamJoy Cherry

Spirit of Martyrdom exists for the glory of God by educating, communicating, teaching and equipping the Body of Christ globally. Spirit of Martyrdom assists living martyrs globally with tools of ministry to strengthen their witness of Christ. Come and hear about the difference this local ministry is making globally.

Making a Difference in Your World / The Power of Prayer

Andrea Kadar

What God Says About Being Involved in the World/ Why Christians Need to Involve Themselves in Politics/ Myths that Christians Believe aboutPolitical Involvement/ The Good Things that Christians have Done in the Name of Politics/ Specific Examples of Godly Results/  The Power of Prayer and Action in Politics  

Afternoon Workshops

Catastrophic Loss - Suicide Survivors - Helping One to Cope

Barbara Prats

Let’s have an honest discussion about how you might help a grieving friend, in particular when their loss is catastrophic, and their life has been forever changed.  What is the right thing to say…or not to say? Can you offer hope aside from traditional platitudes?  You might lead the hurting to find help from Jeremiah and his Lamentations, or from a “community of brokenness”.  Maybe a beneficial discussion would be what God means by “good”.  There are numerous options, and we all walk the grief journey differently, but our goal needs to be to enhance the comfort God offers.

How is God Preparing You For for Your Next Role?

Lynne Crowe

Have you wondered why God has you going through whatever you are going through? Lynne is convinced that God is always preparing us now, for what He has planned for us. Her life was changed when she learned this through observation and experience, and would like to share this concept with you! Join her for a time of reviewing your life in the Lord, assessing what He has done in your life, where He has brought you today, and contemplating what God is preparing for you in the future. 

Celebrate Recovery

Cindy Cunningham

What is Celebrate Recovery? It is Christ-centered, first and foremost, and emphasizes spiritual commitment to Jesus Christ. Is it just for someone with addictions? No. This recovery program addresses all types of habits, hurts and hang-ups. It is forward-looking. Rather than wallowing in the past, Celebrate Recovery focuses on the future and in taking personal responsibility. Celebration Place is for kids; The Landing for students (7th-12th); Celebrate Recovery for adults. Come hear the personal testimony of one who is in continual celebration of her recovery!

House of Ruth - Surrendering the Secret

Stephanie Richey

 The House of Ruth offers  Surrendering the Secret group sessions, which aids the  healing process with others that are feeling the same pain. Or, perhaps you would like to volunteer in a setting that provides positive alternatives to abortion in a warm, inviting environment that women can feel comfortable, and receive access to the resources they need. Learn how to reach out and help others who may need to heal from something they choose not to reveal.


KCT Project - Where God Plants You, Bloom with Grace and Purpose

Corina  and Kaitylnn Taylor

Learn practical steps to change your mindset in order to bloom where God plants you. Ecclesiastes 3 tells us there is a season for everything and God-given tasks are planted in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. So how do you follow God’s plan for your life? How do you persevere when you feel like the odds are stacked against you? How do you overcome a season of struggle? Through Corina’s personal story & biblical truth, we will teach you how to not only survive, but thrive in each season of your life despite your ever changing circumstances. Philippians 4:13: "Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can do all things through Christ which gives me strength."

Young Lives Matter

Beth Tortorello and Young life leaders

Because kids don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care, Young Life leaders show they care by going where kids are, meeting them as they are, believing in who they can be. Within Young Life we call the persistent going out into the world of kids “contact work.” But kids just call it friendship.

Young Life doesn’t start with a program. It starts with adults concerned enough
about kids to go to them, on their turf and in their culture, building bridges of authentic friendship. These relationships don’t happen overnight — they take time, patience, trust and consistency.

How is Poverty Affecting our Community - Old Town Mission

Kellie Wilson and Jill Sweet

Mission Possible! Hope for the Hopeless ... Embracing our Neighbors in Poverty

Kellie Wilson and Jill Sweet manage the Old Town Mission which serves the entire Verde Valley by providing food, clothing, lunches, along with other services and outreaches, while sharing the Word of God with those in the community who are experiencing difficult times of poverty. This “poverty” not only comes in the form of financial adversities, but also in the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental challenges that very often accompany this. We all know someone who is experiencing hardship.

These two women carry an unrelenting passion and tender hearts for their neighbors in need, and they will share some very tangible ways to make a difference that will unquestionably impact our communities. They will share inspiring stories and testimonies of people who looked poor and hopeless, but who became rich in the Lord
as God changed their lives because
“With God, ALL things are possible! 

Sharing Your Faith Matters

Jo Gilbert

Join Jo in uncovering how God calls us all to step out in faith and follow him, even when we don't feel 'good enough'.  Learn how to share the gospel in love, without fear, and to impact the world around you in a mighty way.